Contact: tweet @broadcastbelle or contact me using the form at the bottom.

I work in radio and also write on a freelance basis. I’ve produced on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2, the BBC World Service and also written for the Independent and the Guardian. I’m good at social, Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro, and I write in shorthand. I love radio – hence the slightly naff “broadcast belle” moniker – but I’m happy to write as well as produce on a freelance basis. Just ask.

Now more about me: I love news, I love learning and I love to tell stories.

I completed a degree in English Language (Linguistics) to fulfill my love of language then completed an MA in Multimedia Journalism to fulfill my love of news and storytelling.

During the early part of my journey to become a broadcast journo, I started this blog with a focus on education and advice for students trying to enter the media. I’ve decided to focus just on education now, partly because I’m so interested in it and partly because it’s kind of a long time ago since I was a student.

I have a personal blog on Tumblr and I’ve written for other blogs, such as the Urban Times.

I’m currently a WIP  (Work In Progress) and young(ish), so if you feel to pull me up on something then please do – especially if you’re a teacher. I want this blog to flourish and encourage engagement among those interested in education, but also to be accurate.

I will never reveal my political beliefs, but there are things about the Left and the Right that vex me.

Thanks for checking out my site.

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