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Those who have read this before, I have an update: I no longer work in PR! PRAISES.

I first trained as a journalist and am one step closer to kind of taking over your media. I love news, I love learning and I love to tell stories.

I completed a degree in English Language (Linguistics) to fulfill my love of language then completed an MA in Multimedia Journalism to fulfill my love of news and storytelling.

During the early part of my journey to become a broadcast journo, I started this blog with a focus on education and getting into media. As such, this site is for education enthusiasts and media addicts. It’s a conduit for the contemporary education news stories I find most interesting, as well as promoting discussion of these issues and the wider media. I have a personal blog and sometimes write for the student section of the Independent when I actually get the time.

I am currently a WIP  (a Work In Progress) and quite young(ish), so bear with me if I seem as if I’m not knowledgeable enough yet. If you feel to pull me up on something then please do! I want this blog to develop and flourish and encourage engagement among those interested in education and the media landscape.

To the wannabe journalists, you can totally do it.

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