A-level Results and Clearing

As I write this, students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland have received their A-Level results. Some will be ecstatic and will be included in the mandatory jumping for joy photos in the newspapers, others may not be so lucky, and may have just dashed their results into the nearest bush. Today I’m writing a post for the latter group.

What are my options?

Don’t think that if you haven’t made the grade that your world is over. There are plenty of options available to you such as:

  • Resitting the exams
  • vocational qualifications
  • apprenticeships
  • and even getting an entry-level job

There is also that beacon of light – CLEARING.

When I say beacon of light, I mean it. Clearing should not be seen as failure or a second-rate option, but as another path into university. In fact, back when I was an immature and confused 18-year-old (I question how much this has actually changed), Clearing enabled me to get onto a course that I clearly had a talent for and ended up falling in love with.

What do I need for Clearing?

Consider taking the following with you:

  • calculator to add up your points
  • your Clearing number
  • access to a laptop/computer
  • mobile phone (topped up with credit of course)
  • two pens (at journo school I was taught to have two pens for shorthand in case one ever ran out)
  • a notepad
  • your best phone voice
  • tissues in case you cry (I remember that there were plenty of tears that fateful day)

Clearing is open until Friday, 20th September 2013 this year, so you have plenty of time to find the course and university for you. Hurry though, as competition is fierce and courses tend to fill up quickly.

Just because you didn’t get into your first choice doesn’t mean that the world is over. I know that it doesn’t help one bit to hear that it isn’t the end of the world but that’s the annoying thing: it really isn’t! I got one decent grade and two duff grades, but went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a postgraduate diploma and go straight into a job. Don’t believe the hype.

Good luck everyone!

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