Schooling does not equal learning

Broadcast Belle:

This indeed puts our education problems in perspective. A great post.

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School in East Timor Worldbank photostream

School in East Timor Worldbank photostream

One of the major aims – and indeed major successes – of the millennium development goals, has been to increase the number of kids going to school. At first glance, it appears wonderful that enrollment in schools went from 50% to 66% between 1995 and 2010. But the worrying thing is, that getting more kids into schools does not necessarily mean that they are learning more. In fact, a recent report from the Centre for Global Development reveals that the levels of educational attainment amongst children in developing countries are worrying low. The report draws on large global datasets but a few examples which stood out for me include:

  • In India, 60% of grade 8 children are unable to use a ruler to measure a pencil while only 27% who finish primary school can carry out tasks (such as reading a passage of text…

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